Gearliste Trinitatis Natkirke

Gearliste Trinitatis Natkirke

Medbring egne instrumentkabler! Bring your own instrument cables!

Instruments and Amps:

Yamaha P255 – Stage Piano

Fender Blues Junior II – Guitar amplifier

Behringer BXL3000 – Bas amplifier


1x Behringer X32 + Cymatic Audio uTrack- x32 Interface

1x Allen and Heath QU24 mixer / 24 ind-8 ud

1x Behringer mixer 32 channels – analog mixer

2x dB Mic-2 Plus  – floor monitors

2x Soundking floor monitors

2x Yamaha DXR 15  – FOH Speakers

6x DI’s

9x Shure SM58  – microphones

2x Keyboard stands

2. Guitar stands

Misc. mic stands

Jordet strøm til hele scenen – Grounded power for the entire stage area

Misc. Jack+XLR cables


1x Trommetæppe/ Drum carpet

2x projectors with VGA connection (medbring jeres egen computer hvis i vil have jeres egne projektioner) (Bring your own laptop if you want your own visuals).

1x VGA –> Apple Display Port adapter

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